TNT Rental LLC - FAQ for Tent Rental Mount Laurel, Tent Rental Marlton, Tent Rental Cherry Hill and more.

TNT Rental LLC
Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you deliver the tents and set them up?
Ans: TNT rental will deliver and setup every size and type of tent, including small canopies! We are the installation experts.

2. How much does the setup and delivery cost?
Ans: ALL Tent, Canopy, Moonbounces, Margarita Machines and package prices include setup and takedown, base delivery charges will apply and we have an exhaustive explanation on how delivery is calculated. Best way to get the price is request a quote, there is no obligation!.

3. What are base delivery charges?
Ans: Our Tent, Canopy, Moonbounces and Margarita Machines have the first 5 miles of delivery included in the base delivery price of $25 but it is always best to request a quote as prices may change. The following towns will have the lowest delivery charges: Mount Laurel, Marlton, Moorestown, Lumberton, Cherry Hill and Medford. We deliver anywhere in South Jersey and South-Eastern PA.

4. What are the first 5 miles?
Ans: Our delivery map shows the rough 5 mi circle from our warehouse in Mt Laurel. If you Google 08054 and get directions you will be within a mile or so. Remember that is one way distance and you need to multply it by 4 for the total miles. We do have a map on the Delivery page you can link out to Google maps and get directions to determine the mileage. Or as already stated just request a quote

5. What is the difference between basic and premium packages?
Ans: Basic package includes Tent, Tables, Chairs and Disposable tablecovers (any color).
Premium packages are the same except we replace the plastic tablecovers with Linens and Linen Napkins (1 per chair) if premium plus. The premium and premium plus is generally for a more elegant affair, ie Wedding reception, formal dinner party. etc

6. What size tent should I get?
Ans: There are many considerations. For a basic seated event you can fit 10 people per every 100sq ft (10'x10' space). If you need food space then you will likely lose 10'x10' or 10 seats.
Examples: 20'x20' 40 people seated at 66" round tables but no designated food area.
20'x40' Normally 80 people. Customer decides to have a bar area and a buffet line. Now this tent can hold 60 plus the Bar and bufffet line.

7. Frame tent, Canopy tent, Pole tent and High peak, what's the difference?
Ans: The different types are defined by their construction and structure. Lets look at each:
Remember TNT only uses Anchor and TopTec products. These are the best in the industry!
Canopy- (Anchor calls them "All Purpose Canopies") These have center poles every ten feet, hip style top, steel poles and require staking. These should go on grass, dirt or loose gravel.
Pole Tent- (TopTec) Similar to canopies but larger size and thicker material. We have 30' and 40' width tents. These tents also require staking all around but can be set up on Asphalt or the softer surfaces.
High Peak- (Anchor) Has hi swooping tops that are under higher tension. These tents have fancy fluted aluminum poles, center poles and also require staking. Tent material is heavier as required for the added tension.
Frame Tent- (Anchor Fiesta ) These tents are designed to be more functional and can go on any surface. They have a a skeleton frame of aluminum and the top covers it. They generally have thicker material. Frame tents can handle more rain or wind. They also can stay up longer.

8. Can you put a tent on my deck? What if it is oddly shaped and elevated?
Ans. Yes we can! We can custom fit our frame tents to many different situations. The legs of the Frame tents are adjustable and we even have custom made components to allow us to go even higher if the elevation requires it. It is best to request a tent measurement for these situations. There may be a small $25 fee but if you rent from us the fee is credited on the rental.

9. I found a cheaper tent from a competitor, what makes your tents cost significantly more? I just need shade really and rain is not a major factor? Ans. There are several things you need to consider when renting a tent. Better companies like TNT are renting commercial grade fabric structures with features like real Vinyl laminated polyester or other fabrics with blockout coatings. These coatings provide protection from the radiated heat from the sun. There is a noticeable difference in the temperature under these type of tents. Ask the company what brand tent they rent and do the homework. Look for things like 13oz vinyl for smaller tents and 16~18oz for the bigger tops and frames. The other difference is these better tops are generally mildew resistant (stay cleaner) and flame resistant (safety). Another reason for the price difference is often insurance. You should verify the company you rent from is insured in case the tent or equipment somehow damages your home or a person visiting. TNT maintains full insurance to protect the equipment and liability for damage it may cause. If the event is a public event they can even provide the needed certificates for that as well. Call us or email us for details.